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Eyebrow Grooming For The Harlem Men

Hey fellas, we know we expect a lot from you when it comes to style. Whether we’re complaining about the wrinkles shirt or your hair cut, it’s our way of expression that we care. But we have one more bone to pick with you: eyebrow grooming.

Your eyebrows are one of the first things we notice, besides that amazing smile, of course. BrowLady Guru, Nicky Mayers said it best: “Brows really give you expression. Brows can make you look strong or weak or powerful or not. Your brow will make your approachable; If they are too strong or severe, someone will pass you by.”

To help your brows look their best and reflect your personality, theBrowLady provided Harlem men’s with eyebrow grooming tips. Check out what she had to say below.

Don’t wax. Do tweeze. Traditional tweezing is best because it allows you to see progression. She added, “Sometimes guys go in and get their brows waxed and there is this really clean, blocked off, square shape. And because their hair is so dense and often dark, it looks draw-on. [Waxing] makes it obvious that it’s been done.”

Do invest in a really good brow gel. BrowLady Brow Gel is clear, guy-friendly and foolproof. “You can’t make a mistake and it’s a great way to keep your brows going in one direction,” said Nicky. If a guy has salt and pepper hair, he can get the Brow Gel in a tinted shade to conceal the gray brow hairs.

Tip: Then simply brush Brow Gel it into your brows going upwards so that they look masculine and spiky at the same time.

The unibrow. Nicky believes that addressing unibrows can be age-specific. “If you’re in your 10’s and you have that, it can be cute, if you are in your 20’s it can be sexy if it’s. If you’re over 30, everyone just thinks that you’re being lazy. And if they see hair in the middle of your brow, they’re thinking, ‘This mature gentleman probably has hair growing out of his ears also.’ Depending on your age, you might want to address it as you’re getting older.”

BrowLady Brow Gel $18.

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