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browlady on PERISCOPE

“This year is full of bold moves for the Brow Lady, with a fresh approach to engage makeup lovers with eyebrow product for your lifestyle”

Arizona, January 2016 – The Brow Lady is committed in assisting makeup lovers in keeping their eyebrows looking great…THEN 2002 the Brow Lady was born, in 2010 the Brow Lady re-launch its studio with the introduction of its product line with the browQUAD, browPENCIL and browPOWDER, in 2013 we added browGEL and brow & lash serum, in 2015 we completed the line by adding the browFIXX, browCOVER and browWONDER, and NOW February 2016 the Brow Lady offers the Ultimate Brow Kit and Stencil Kit enabling customers to purchase the brow products that fit their life style.

With every step taking over the years they’ve keep the focus of providing customer with the products and tools they need to shape, grow and groom their brows. With the launch of BrowLady TV they hit another note provided you with live demonstrations on selecting the best products for your lifestyle and how to use them.

The interactive show will provide viewers with tips, tricks, trends and interview with industry expert that can provide valuable insight on what to do to take your brow makeup to the next level.

When: Every Thursday’s at 7:00 PM EST, Starting Feb 4th, 2016

Where: Periscope - TBLUSA / The Brow Lady

Why: Get Tips, Tricks and Trends on how to apply eyebrow makeup

Who: Presented by the Brow Lady

What: Online TV Show

About The Brow Lady

Over the last 15 years, The Brow Lady USA has a reputation that extends far beyond the luxury resorts and spas of Arizona, to national magazines in the likes of In Style and Allure. The essence of eyebrow shaping was captured and giving form when it was said, "The most dramatic change you can make in your facial appearance, without having plastic surgery, is having your eyebrows properly shaped." One 15-minute session at the Brow Lady is all it takes for a transformation; each look is complimented with the products that best meet your lifestyle.


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