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Lash Extensions for your Wedding

It’s Wedding Season!!!

Why getting your lash extensions for your big day can be one of the most gorgeous investments you make.

Getting Lash Extensions is an awesome beauty treatment, where you can relax your mind and body for about 2 hours days before your big day! Imagine coming to your appointment, laying on a comfortable massage bed and closing your eyes. For those few hours your beauty treatment can take your wedding planning worries away. Your lashes will be awesome for all your pre-wedding activities and photos such as your bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner.

Eyelash Extensions enhance your eyes and your natural beauty. Most likely your getting your makeup done for the big day, so why not add Lash Extensions? Lash Extensions will enhance your eyes in the most natural and amazing way! You won’t need any messy mascara that may run if you get a little teary eyed on your big day, because lash extensions are totally waterproof!

So what about the day after your wedding and your honeymoon? No matter where you go or what you do those lash extensions will still be there and looking Fabulous!! You don’t have to take them off at night and re-apply like you would strip lashes because lash extensions can last 3-4 weeks. Lash extensions enhance your face so without makeup they are still very noticeable and give you a ‘wake up and go’ look without much maintenance.

Lash Extensions on your big day is a must have!! You won’t regret it, especially when you see your wedding photos!

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