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Stencil Fitting

As a brow specialist I spent must of my time reshaping eyebrows and trying to find ways to teach others how to shape their brows, by replicating the instructions I provide.

Yesterday, Saturday, April 30th, I was ask to solved two problems:

1- Is there a product that will stay-on? Every time I put the brow pencil on, it goes away by the time I get ready to leave the house. That was an easy solutions I suggested a long lasting product or the alternative was to apply brow wax as a base/primer and apply the powder or pencil over the wax.

2- I need help learning to shape my brows, I suggested the use of a stencil... in response she said, well I purchase them but they are to long and don't fit my face shape. Her comment reminded me of experience just the week before, while I was creating and instructional How To Video for Brow Stencils.

Solution -- I agreed to provide her with her own personalize and custom stencil. Yes, the read correctly. Brow Stencils are intended to make it simple to fill in your brows, however they don't address the issue that eyebrows are sisters not twins.

A Custom Brow Stencil created for you, provides you with a left and right brow customize to fit your face shape and brow.

If you will like to have your own custom brow, schedule an appointment with the BrowLady.

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