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Eyebrow Stencils ...

Cut Through Eyebrow Shaping Confusion

Eyebrow Stencils are a fuss free way of creating your brow shape. Making sure that you've got the right eyebrow stencil for your face is a matter of two things. The size, and then the shape that will suit you face.

The Eyebrow Stencilling Process

Once you have found the right stencil, it's time to get shaping.

What You'll Need:

  • Brow Stencils

  • Concealer Pencil

  • Eyebrow Powder or Pencil

  • Eyebrow Brush( or clean mascara wand)

Put The Brow Stencil In Place

Ideally, the brow should begin at a point on a straight line along the side of your nose. This is shown above.

The end of the eyebrow would then be aligned with a straight line from the outside of your nostril.

Mark these points, then place the stencil in line with the inside of the brow.

Fill In Your Brows

Put the stencil back on, and use the brow powder or pencil to lightly fill in the shape.

This is for more definition: Take off the stencil, and check if you need more definition.

If so, use the concealer pencil and lightly line along the bottom line of your eyebrows. Brush the concealer downwards to blending the liner until it's not visible...

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