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Why Should You Contour Your Eyebrows

If you’re wondering if contouring your brows is even a thing, let us assure you it is. Natural, full eyebrows should have dimension and this little trick delivers just that.

Contoruing your eyebrows gives the apperance of a fuller and define eyebrow.

We decided to get to the bottom of this uncharted territory by asking our very own brow master Nicky Mayers to show us how to contour eyebrows like a pro. If this trick gives us brows like start,we are so on board!

Step 1: Using the browlady browCOVER pencil outline the outer top and bottom borders of the brow.

Step 2: Using the browlady browBRUSH blend the concealer so the brow shape is clearly defined.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Nicky helps inspire and inform eyebrow fanatics and makeup lovers, by delivering the latest Eyebrow beauty tips, tricks and trends.

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