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The Brow Lady Cares

When you hear the phrase “permanent makeup,” you often think of tattooed eyebrows or lips for beauty purposes, but did you know that permanent makeup can make a breast cancer survivor feel like a complete woman again?

At The Brow Lady in Scottsdale, we specialize in Permanent Eyebrows and have developed shadowing & feathering techniques that would give you a natural appearance during and after chemotherapy.

Inspired by her mother’s breast cancer experience, Nicky Mayers has been performing eyebrow pigmentation, ensuring that every woman who has been through breast cancer treatment can feel beautiful again.

The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes, and Nicky is able to create three-dimensional eyebrows. Sometimes patients still have eyebrows left, or they grow back fine and sparse, or the hair just doesn’t grow back; regardless of the current state of the eyebrow, it can be recreated in a natural shape and shaded in with permanent pigmentation.

Not all breast cancers survivors can afford the procedure, however. Nicky set out to fix that after discovering that Eyebrow Pigmentation is considered a beauty service and insurance would not cover it. Appalled that an insurance company would not cover something so simple, Nicky created Brow Lady Cares in 2013.

“At a time when doctors, treatments and side effects take so much away from you, something like this is bringing your beauty back and makes you realize how important beauty and self is.” Nicky says.

At The Brow Lady in Scottsdale, colors are custom blended for each client with a goal of giving the look of natural, fresh and well-applied makeup. The Brow Lady Cares program offers all permanent makeup services to cancer patients and survivors for $99 and includes a free consultation, patch testing (if required), pigment application and a follow-up visit.

Schedule a consultation appointment today by 480.212.4000 or via email

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