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PRESS: Time to go blending


June 7th - Scottsdale, AZ -- Flawlessly apply and blend liquid foundation with the Brow Lady Oblong Blending Sponges. The unique curved shape provides a comfortable finger grip while the pointed tip allows you to easily reach facial contours including around the nose or in the corner of the eyes. Flip it around and use the flat side to apply highlighter and blush.

These individually wrapped, latex-free polyurethane foam sponges can be used wet or dry, with creams, lotions, powders and gel formulations. Now available in two colors: Red and Purple.

About the Product

  • SOFT LIKE SUEDE, YET FIRM ENOUGH FOR BOUNCE PERFECTION- BrowLady oblong sponge blenders are latex-free, odor free, eco-friendly, and non-allergenic. when wet expand to double size and even softer. Gives flawless foundation application every single time.

  • ACHIEVE FLAWLESS CONTOURS, HIGHLIGHTS AND BLENDING - Put makeup on like a pro - evenly distributes makeup so no areas with too much or too little coverage. Also works amazing with powder; use wet with powder for a light translucent finish, use dry for heavier coverage. Other favorite uses include applying BB cream, concealer, and highlighting and contouring your forehead and neck

  • SHAPE: The shape of the sponge was developed with absolute precision and purpose. From the broadsides, rounded bottom, or pointy top, this sponge covers an array of angles for all your makeup application needs.

  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN - Whether you are a pro or a novice, you'll find this makeup sponge easy to integrate into your daily routine. We send a how to guide with you order that offers simple instructions for the most common uses for sponge, and how to best care for it. Foundation, concealer, powder & blush go on beautifully

Customer Review:

If you haven't tried beauty blenders yet to apply your make up, you're missing out. No matter what type of make up you use, this beauty blenders make it look flawless. Use it dry to apply powders, or wet them and squeeze them out, and I will swell up to nearly twice their size. Once wet, you can use it to blend your foundation or apply your foundation directly to the bottom of the beauty blender and dab it on your face. The effect will look like your make up was airbrushed.

I use the top of it to apply my concealer near my eyes. It blends perfectly, and is soft enough that I can get it right up into the corners of my eyes. I didn't use the bottom of the sponge to dab a BB cream on. You can also use it for foundation, moisturizer, anything that you put on your face. You should never use your fingertips to apply your make up, as we did in the old days. That is what leads to acne and skin conditions. This beauty blenders is so easy to clean, all you have to do is rinse it out with a little bit of mild soap after you're finished with it.

I preach about the virtues of this beauty blender every chance I get. I think they its fantastic! I highly recommend this blender!

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