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PRESS: Microfiber Facial Scrubber


May 15, Scottsdale AZ --The Brow Lady recently introduced the Microfiber Facial Scrubber a Makeup Remover & Exfoliating sponge to their line of beauty supplies. This unique sponge removes even the most stubborn of makeup in seconds. The micro fibers material combined with warm water, act like a vacuum brush, breaking up the oils that bond makeup to the skin, while lifting and trapping all residue, dirt and bacteria. The gentle net scrubber on the other side is great for exfoliation.

Take care of your skin with spa-like luxury! 3" round facial scrubbers are soft microfiber on one side and have a gentle net scrubber on the other — Pamper yourself at home with an extra-long life, this sponge is sure to work just as well after hundreds of washes. Each package contains two sponges. Please visit to place an order or to learn more about this product.

Customer Review: Loved this facial scrubber. a little rougher on one side than other. highly recommend. can wash and re-use a number of times. Can use an soap or cleanser.

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