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Our NEW Brow Gel

Exiting news to share not only did we updated our packaging we updated the formula of our BrowSHAPER or clear Brow Gel; this water resistant formulation with a hollow fiber brush allows for smooth even application, resists clumping, flaking and smudging, gentle for sensitive eyes and PH balanced formulation.

For those who rely on a brow pencil to shade or darken their eyebrows, the eyebrow gel is a clear gel that will go over the filler and hold the shape and color of your brow. The gel is water and sweat resistant for the everyday person on the move.

Tips & Tricks: Apply one coat for a light hold, two coats for a medium hold, and three coats for a firm hold. Apply in the direction of the hair growth. Start at the front of the brow brushing up and outwards through the arch.

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