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Hair Stroke Eyebrows

A very natural looking eyebrow. The technique used is feathering of hair like strokes creating beautifully designed brows. Permanent eyebrows help restore a youthful, fresh look and provide natural, soft expression without the harsh edges of tattoo lines.

Hair Stroke Brows can help with:

  • Patchy, sparse, or short brows

  • To mask the effects of over-plucking and styling

  • Alopecia and hair loss

  • We can create an entirely new, authentic-looking brow

  • Ageing brows

  • To revitalise brows losing their color and fullness

  • Light and thin brows

  • Enhance your natural coloring and make the brow more visible

  • Asymmetrical brows

  • Make the most of your features by framing them with a symmetrical brow

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