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Nicky returns to Encore University

The browlady returns to Encore University in Spring of 2016 to teach Basic Make Application Techniques.

Course Description: The course will teach skills in the manipulation of color theory, equipment and materials for basic application. It will help build self-confidence by learning how to accentuate and minimized features. The course will also cover proper safety and sanitation procedures. Students will see a demonstration and learn how to apply a Day look and transition in to Night.

Instructor: Nicky Mayers

Nicky is a Certified Eyebrow Specialist, Makeup Artist and Permanent Makeup with over 5 years experience. Nicky is the Educator and Founder of the Brow Lady Institute, and has written various course in Eyebrow Makeup Application and Techniques and skin care. She has been an Eyebrow Instructor for the past 4 years. With a love for teaching and a passion for making a difference, Nicky is committed to delivering quality continued education to compliment the substantial growth of the beauty and wellness industry.

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