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HOW TO brow eye-light

We want to make sure that when you highlight your brow bone, you highlight underneath the entire brow, not just the outer half of it (so you “lift” up the whole brow), and to remind you that brightening the brow bone shouldn’t be detectable; it’s an illusion that draws light to the area and creates the appearance of lifting the brow, simple as that. So blend blend blend!

Tips: Use a matte color during the day, and a shimer highlighter at night time.


  1. Start at the inner corner of the brow and draw a line directly under it all the way to the outer corner.

  2. Blend the product into the skin with an angle or concelor brush. If you blended too much, go back and repeat both steps. You should blend enough where you don’t see the line anymore but not too much that it’s not effective

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