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Getting More From Your Lashes

While eyelash tinting is one way of making your lashes look more beautiful without makeup, you can enhance the effect with eyelash serum. Taking care of your lashes no matter what your regular beauty routine includes is an important factor in ensuring that your lashes always look their best. browlady vitaLASH eyelash serum works to condition your lashes making them more flexible and supple. Supple, bendable natural lashes are key to pulling off most if not all glamorous lash looks. Most of our eyelashes don’t see their full potential, as many factors can interrupt the natural eyelash growth cycle. Inadequate nutrition or hydration, cosmetics like mascara or false eyelash adhesive, and even rubbing your eyes at night can cause damage to your eyelashes — including breakage or fallout.

browlady vitaLASH can help rejuvenate your natural lashes with the nutrients and moisture they crave. With a combination of botanicals, vitamins and polypeptides, vitaLASH conditions your lashes so that they can reach their full beauty potential. After all, you condition the hair on your head — why not your eyelashes? Order browlady vitaLASH online to see how healthy your eyelashes can be, or see our Store Locator to find vitaLASH near you.

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