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Trend: Brow Extensions

The next beauty fix for your brows

The days of happy-tweezing of the ’90s left most of us with sparse eyebrows --the option to have them temporarily fixed has arrived to salons or spas near you.

The Brow Lady Institute, in Scottsdale AZ – is launching its Brow-FIXX brow shaping & extensions training to aestheticians from around the country, the eyebrow extension technique that got its start in the UK.

Under a super bright light, an aesthetician uses high-quality surgical glue to apply individual synthetic hairs to your brows wherever they need a little help. (The Brow Lady Brow-FIXX training is $450, additionally the school will offer a $99 annual 8-month membership were aestheticians can have a session with the Instructor.)

Brow Extensions application will last 10 to 14 days, but they need care: no heat or steam for at least 24 hours, and then no rubbing or pulling ever.

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