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Up Your Brow Style This Holiday Season

We've already declared that Brow makes you look younger—and a love for healthy arch’s that frame our face and accentuate our best features. By embracing a fuller look our eyebrows shouldn't be neglected? Eyebrows are often overlooked; they are the best way to switch things up. Brow guru Nicky Mayers shares three festive looks perfect to try this party season and into the New Year.

Dark and Bold

Add drama to any look by simply going a shade or two darker than daytime brows—and it works on all skin tones and hair colors. Many women do this permanently with in-salon brow tinting, but you can test the waters and get the same result with a browlady tinted gel. Utilizing the mascara applicator start at the beginning and sweep outward lightly until the eyebrow hairs are coated evenly.

Full and Feathery

To create a feathery look, use the browlady Quad and fill in your brow with the darker color on the outside and the lighter color in front. This may seem counterintuitive, but it would actually even the tone across your brow. To complete the rich look, brush up the hairs with brow wax.

Light and Manicured

Another approach to holiday brows is to lighten them, this works better for those with warm skin tones. You can have them lightened or lifted professionally, but just to switch things up for a night or two, line and fill them in with a brow pencil by the browlady to broaden the edge. Then apply tinted Brow Gel in a shade lighter than your natural brow color.

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